Jonathan Basel

Jon Basel is a Mankato native returning from his adventures with national and state politics. He started out his career path by becoming skilled in organizing, canvassing, and advertising for issue and candidate campaigns, but one day, he felt called to use those talents directly for God and His kingdom.

Basel’s central passion in life is sharing the Gospel and encouraging others also to share in God’s love and grace. In his free time, on the other hand, Basel loves playing board games with his wife and friends. He also enjoys training new people to become board game geeks.

Basel’s beautiful and loving wife, Nikki, is very supportive of his work, and their daughter Aria helps with knocking on doors, soon they will be joined by their son, Levi. In fact, Aria is the best evangelist in Basel’s opinion, since she attracts people with her big blue eyes and therefore opens up opportunities for authentic conversations with strangers.

Basel’s position at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church and School is to show church members how any layman or woman can assist in church outreach, besides, in the end, it’s really God who does the work.

Basel is available to any member who wishes to learn more about and participate in the church’s efforts to add people to God’s family.